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Ideal for…

Parents of minor children
People with no real estate
People with assets < $166,000

Packages starting at $99


Ideal for…

Avoiding Probate Court
People with assets > $166,000

Packages starting at $499

Aging Parents

Ideal for…

Dementia diagnosis
Moving to nursing home
Qualifying for Medi-Cal

Packages starting at $3999

How it Works

Our site is set up to provide explanations of our products and easy packages for you to choose from. Once you determine the exact product you want to purchase, you will complete a form which provides us the information we need to create your documents. If you have questions, you can call one of our paralegals for assistance.

Once we have the information needed, we will ask for payment. Once payment is received, a paralegal is notified, and your documents are prepared and sent to one of our independent attorneys for review. If any questions come up, you will be contacted to confirm your wishes. Once approved by the attorney, your documents will be sent to you for review and execution. You can then print and sign your documents.

Wills require your signature and the signatures of two witnesses (two individuals 18 or older who are not beneficiaries of your estate). Trusts packages may have signatures that require notarization. Most mailbox type stores have notary services, as do most banks. If you need a mobile notary, you can email or call us, and we can assist in connecting you with a local notary.

Once your documents are complete, we suggest placing them in a binder or folder and keeping it in a safe place, such as a safe or safe deposit box. If your plan includes a quit claim deed placing your home into your trust, we will provide instructions for sending your deed to the county recorder for recording.

As always, we remain ready and available to help with the process and answer any questions. Feel free to call us at 844-979-1815. We look forward to working with you!